Our Summer Specials!

Moscow Mule
Mint and lime infused vodka, Goslings ginger beer,
fresh muddled lime and mint

House rosemary gin, confectioners sugar, fresh lemon,

Honey Habanero Iced Toddy
House-infused honey habanero whiskey,
fresh lemon juice, pure local honey, Earl grey iced tea

Peach Bourbon Tipple
Peach bourbon, mint infused earl grey tea, lemon juice, simple
syrup, orange marmalade

Cucumber Rosemary Lemonade
House-infused cucumber vodka, fresh rosemary, pure lemon
juice, lemonade

Napa Sour
House cabernet, taragon infused simple syrup, 2 Gingers
whiskey, fresh lemon juice, egg white

Watermelon Margarita
Watermelon-infused tequila, fresh lime, triple sec, muddled
watermelon, sour

Kiwi Caprioska
Kiwi-infused vodka, muddled kiwi fruit, mint, simple syrup,
fresh lime juice, tonic water

Maple Bourbon Smash
House-infused maple bourbon, muddled citrus,
Angostura bitters, soda

House-made infusions and liqueurs:

Blueberry Vodka
Cherry Vodka
Chocolate Caramel Vodka
Citrus Vodka
Coconut & Pineapple Vodka
Coffee Rum
Cranberry Vodka
Cucumber Vodka
Gummy Bear Vodka
Honey Habanero Whiskey
Irish Cream Liqueur
Kiwi Vodka
Maple Bourbon
Melon Vodka
Mint & Lime Vodka
Orange Vodka
Peach Bourbon
Pear Vodka
Pickle & Jalapeno Vodka
Raspberry Vodka
Rosemary Gin
Strawberry Vodka
Vanilla Vodka
Watermelon Tequila
Drunken gummy bears- 3.50
Apple pie liqueur- 3.50